5 Reasons Travel Planners Rock!

Some of my best vacations have been planned overnight with an old friend of mine. We’d grab a bottle of wine, sit on the roof of one of our Chelsea apartment buildings and plan our next trip. A day later we’d have it all booked. Easy! We also were single, had expendable income, expendable time, and were willing to take a bit of a gamble because hey, who wasn’t up for an adventure (pan to a strange white van picking us up from a Belize airport and driving us two hours into the jungle. Nothing to see here.). 

Times have changed for my friend and I. We’re both married with kids, live on separate continents, and are feeling a little less excited to gamble with time and money while planning a hard earned vacation. So now what? Go online? How many times have you gone on Google to get ideas for your next vacation only to find out three hours later and nothing booked, you’ve fallen into the black hole of travel sites – and gotten nowhere? (10,000 hands slowly raise…). You need to speak to someone who has been to these places to know you’re getting everything you want. Right? Right.

Stop the madness! When you need help planning your next vacation don’t be afraid to contact a travel planner. Seriously, save yourself and end up with a far better trip! Meet a newer friend of mine, Tiffany Raymond of Wanderlust Travel Group, Travel Planner Extraordinaire and one of the funnier people I have met (but that’s a conversation for another time). I have never known a more experienced traveler, and therefore travel planner, than Tiffany. From local destinations to the most far off, remote locations, Tiffany is your one stop shop for planning a memorable vacation.

The most common misconception about travel planners is that it’s expensive to work with one. The reality is working with a travel planner will not only save you time and confusion, but also get you the most for your money. Here’s how:

1. Most travel planners do not charge clients a fee: Yes! Free help planning a trip? Sign us up! Experienced travel planners typically have contracts with the airlines, hotels, excursion and car companies they book with. Those contracts have been negotiated for your travel planner to retain a percentage of the booking. Translation: no cost to you, the client!

2. Get the best bang for your buck: Not only will a travel planner craft a trip determined by your budget and requests, but they will know the best of the best regarding when and where to travel. You want a deal? A planner has connections you don’t from flights to hotels to excursions to car rentals! You name it!

3.¬†Personalization and the inside scoop – taking the guesswork out of vacation planning:¬†Personally, my travel standards are pretty high, so the inside scoop is priceless. This is your vacation (or for those of us with kids, “trip”!). No one wants to wonder if the car service is reliable, if the food at a restaurant is as good as the reviews, if the hotel will be up to par or if their tour is safe. Travel planners are best suited for for personalizing your travel and booking according to your preferences. They have usually booked with these companies before, so he or she will have prior knowledge whether things are as highly rated as online reviews may reflect. And, that beach you saw online may be covered in seaweed this time of year or that restaurant you heard of may have wind damage. Who really knows?¬†Oh, your (say it with me folks) travel planner!

4. Knowing the ins and outs of other countries: Are you well versed when it comes to travel insurance plans, various visa requirements, immunization regulations and custom procedures? Yeah, me neither. What about a power converter or the best place to convert currency? When visiting a new country, a travel planner will save you a ton of time researching and spoon feed you those answers, with a side of relaxation. Yes please. You will be nothing but prepared, eliminating any worries you may have and allowing you to enjoy your time abroad.

5. A Planned Itinerary Equals Less Spending: Not only will your travel planner create your itinerary for your trip, but those sneaky extras that normally add up will be a thing of the past. When I went to Italy I went on a ten day tour. Hey laugh all you want but I didn’t have to think about anything but wine and The Amalfi Coast. Why? A planner had every day written out for me and with that, the added bonus of no sudden cost of sailing along the coast or climbing Vesuvius. Alright, the extra limoncello got pricey but I assume full responsibility for that.

If you haven’t worked with a travel planner before, now is the time and Tiffany Raymond is your new travel guru. Life is short! Make some memories with your family and friends and get out there! Now you have someone to help you plan the trip of your dreams and have it wrapped in a tidy little bow. All you need to do is grab your id or passport and contact Tiffany!

Bon Voyage, Friends!

Contact Tiffany today! Tiffany.Raymond@wanderlusttravelgroup.com

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