One for the Teachers

I have to take a moment to share a very special photo session. The woman in these photos? The one and only Vanessa Ryan. Aside from her amazing smile and positive presence, I love her because she was one of my son’s first teachers. One of the first people outside of our family we entrusted him with. The one who made it just a tiny bit easier for me to be able to leave him in a new place. The one who smiled at him when he was nervous. Heck, the one who smiled at me when I was nervous! The one who mothered and taught him when I wasn’t there. The one who taught him how to create art out of his chubby little 2 year old hand prints.

I know we have teacher appreciation weeks – but do we stop to think about the heart and soul they put into their workday, day after day? We love all of the teachers our son has had so far and I cannot express the gratitude we feel for them. Thank you for letting me take photos of you and your beautiful family.

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