Giving Thanks and Fundraising

Happy Thanksgiving! How is your family? How are you celebrating? What are you thankful for?

Today I am grateful for the kindness from the community of people who have come out to support Awesome Audrey Lorenz. As Fall is in full swing, so is Audrey’s fierce battle against Burkitts Lymphoma/Leukemia. And while we often can’t support those we love in person, we do what little we can from where we are. We hope a growing cheering section brings a smile to Audrey and her parents faces.

Enter Connie, Matt and Bea. Connie has a mutual friend of the family and contacted me for a fundraising shoot. She told me it would be a family shoot and that they have a ten month old. I truly was not prepared for this level of cute. We braved some chilly temps and hit Prospect Park in Brooklyn. My favorite shots are of Bea practicing for her mayoral campaign – smiling and waving at all the folks who strolled by. Meeting this down to earth family was extremely uplifting and I so look forward to seeing them again. One of the best perks of this job.

There is such beauty in the spirit of giving.  We are so thankful. And I am especially thankful to the kindness and compassion people who aren’t directly related to Audrey have shown. There seems to be a quiet, unspoken understanding among parents. That we may not know first hand what goes on in the minds and hearts of Auds and her parents, but, here. Here we are to show a little support. Here we are letting you know you’re loved and there are so many people sending healing thoughts and energy your way. Here we are. We’re in your corner.

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