An Old Friend

There have been quite a few shoots with new clients this season, lending the unique opportunity to make a lot of new friends quickly. (It happens. Photography is nothing if not intimate.) ┬áLuckily, I still got a chance to work with some old friends too. They say you can go years without seeing an old friend and when you’re reunited, it’s like not a day has passed.

It’s like that with this one. Alyson and I have known each other going on 20 years. She has a lot of longtime friends like that, which says a lot about her. It had been almost two years since I’d last seen her and I could not wait to have our shoot, especially since she jumped at the chance to be a part of the fundraising efforts for our niece, Awesome Audrey Lorenz. When we became friends we were no where near our journeys as mothers. And while said journeys have taken different paths from time to time, it’s such a gift when our paths cross for a bit and we get to see how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown as women. I love seeing Alyson as this beautiful and strong mama and successful entrepreneur. And her kids? See for yourself.

I love all four of you.


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