A New Friend

In keeping with today’s friends theme…There are the friends you make when you’re younger, and if you’re lucky they stick around and you put up with each other. Then there are the new friends you make as adults, which are also special because as adults and parents, it’s a blessing when we make space for more in our lives.

Enter new motherhood and the reason Tiffany and I met. We met in a mom’s group when our babies were still babies. We were so new (and still are a bit) to all of the joys and challenges of that transition into motherhood. We likely met at a time when we weren’t 100% put together and feeling a little on the vulnerable side, our pride taking a hit. We, along with a lot of other moms in the group connected…We got each other; no judgement, lots of compassion, a few happy tears, a few sad tears, celebrating our kids’ milestones, answering frantic late night and early morning texts. We formed a little village and I cannot picture what life would have been like without that gift of mutual support. My son made me a mother, and often, Tiffany shows me the mom and friend I want to be through her example. You don’t get better than that.


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