A Decade of Loss

This was a decade of great loss. What I lost made room for everything amazing. Holy even.

This decade I lost the lie. I lost the story I and others told me. This decade I got honest with myself. Like real honest. It wasn’t pretty.

This decade I lost a big chunk of  my ego. I lost my need to be perfect. I lost my need to be right. 

This decade I lost my worry. I lost my concern about those who judge. I lost my care for critics. I lost my need to prove myself to anyone. 

This decade I lost my resentment. Ok most of it. What? I’m only human.

This decade I lost one of my big dreams. I lost wanting the big and bigger jobs in a big city living in a big apartment building with a big view. That dream was bs.

This decade I lost my treasured single card. And got married. As my dad likes to say, “Who’d have ever thought?” (Thanks Dad.)

This decade I lost my irreverence for soccer moms. I love it now.

This decade I lost potential children. This decade I became a mother to the son I once dreamed of. Only with different color hair!

This decade I lost the dark. It still comes sometimes but I know how to work it.

This decade I lost the perception of everything I thought I was supposed to be. 

This decade I found who I am. I found what I am capable of.

There hasn’t been a more powerful time of growth for me. Ever. And now that I know how to grow, I know it will continue. I hope that happened for you too. 

I hope you had a decade of loss. Not a loss that creates grief, of course – if that happened, I am here for you. I do hope there was loss that stripped you of what you never needed in the first place, and made room for you to become everything you are meant to be. 

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