Starting as a street photographer in NYC, I was quickly drawn to taking photos of people, capturing the unspoken facets of our personalities and the special relationships between us. Since I was a child, photography has been one of my best friends. Inspired by my parents and uncle, I saw how photos aren’t just a pictures, but a story, a memory, a feeling – a part of our history.

I am a natural light documentary style photographer who enjoys a little grit and humor thrown in there as well. You know, like real life! I don’t use many props but enjoy creative locations and wardrobes.

Our shoot won’t feel very posed, and you won’t be asked to smile. For me, a good shoot feels natural and is a conversation – a conversation during which I will document, well, you. My goal is to take soulful and meaningful images for you. I hope you will collaborate with me in capturing part of your life.

Often involved in fundraisers and volunteering, this summer I am donating 10% of all proceeds to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund – especially because they match every 1 of our dollars with 18 of theirs!

Past projects include a photo series called Voyeur, shown at The Soho Photo Gallery in Tribeca where I was an Associate member. I hold a Bachelor of Arts from NYU (but that doesn’t make me a better photographer…)

I am available for shoots with families, expectant mamas, kids, newly engaged…you name it!

Special thanks to Professor Anne Hoy of New York University and The Great Kate Schwindt, friend and photographer. These two women helped me get started through critical editing (Hoy) and encouragement (Kate!) and embody the most grace I have ever seen in the art world.